What makes a computer high-end? The price? The brand name? There's always been a divide between off the shelf PCs from big box stores and the ultra-powerful, ultra-expensive megaliths available from boutique manufacturers. Why not just set the bar in between and offer a true high-end computing experience that is as attainable as the former and just as quality as the latter?

With the Salvo 3D we want to bring the high-performance computing experience to the masses. We've stuffed all of the latest technologies in the Salvo 3D, including 4th Generation Intel Core processors, next-gen NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 series graphics cards, and lightning fast SSDs. The basic configuration of the Salvo 3D offers respectable performance in literally any game out there, and will blast through all other computing tasks. The best bit is that it's highly upgradeable, so you can make it just as fast as you'd like. The Salvo 3D was listed in May 2012 issue of PC World Magazine as the Best Buy in the Performance Desktop PC category.

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